About Mega Woodcraft

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Our Objective

Mega’s main objective is to provide premier, innovative and value-for-money housing products. We are supported by our strong knowledgeable workforce in discharging efficient and quality service to our clients. Mega seeks to be the market leader in this industry.

Key to Success

  • To constantly improve the organisation’s operations to support its coremandate.
  • To constantly improve productivity through efficient deployment of capital, regular retraining of workforce, constant upgrades of technology & equipments and investment in research & development.
  • To constantly seek new innovative ideas and regularly challenging ourselves to improve in the deliverance of goods & services.
  • To constantly introduce new innovative products to add value to our products and to bring the industry to greater heights.
  • To compete with the world rather than restricted solely to Tanzania.
  • To improve the quality of life of our customers by developing affordable housing which is comfortable, requires minimal maintenance, improves infrastructure & amenities and is conducive for the community to play, exercise & interact.
  • To exercise corporate social responsibility towards the society and environment.

Our Mission

  • Mega aspire to become one of the leading producers and suppliers of building materials in order to enhance the affordable housing programs in Tanzania.
  • Mega seek to be the innovator of affordable housing options through service provision, expertise and asset management.
  • Mega object to deliver affordable housing options through research & development, innovation and strategic partnering.
  • Mega intent to build houses using environmentally friendly materials, and in turn, protecting the natural habitat.
  • Mega aim to build affordable houses for the mass population that require minimal maintenance, are comfortable, are environmentally conducive and show asset appreciation. This will enable all Tanzania citizens to own houses which will complement the Government’s objectives in reducing crime and eradicating poverty.